A Phone Call From Kendall Kamke

Got a phone call from Kendall Kamke that kinda cleared things up.  They were done tagging fish 2 weeks ago, they have a general amount of fish they like to tag, around 5000 and also worked to tag fewer fish in each marsh by tagging in more locations.  The high water helped that.  About 30% of those fish had or were spawning and the few warm days after that got some going but the cool down made a difference, obviously.  The warm weather is doing it’s trick and fishing should be good IF the high water didn’t flush lots of fish back during the crappy weather.  Well, they are not catching spawned out fish at Winneconne unless that changed today, I’ll be finding out and posting it on a new podcast.  Catch it at http://www.talkwisoutdoours.com

I also published a Premium Content piece of Daryl Christensen, I’ve added a link.  It’s only $2 and it’s over 50 minutes of information that previous to this, only the lucky people at ICE BREAKER 3 got to hear.  If you are in to fishing the area for walleye, give it a listen, you’ll get something out of it for certain.



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