Spring Is Springing

Have been seeing a few robins, some geese and have heard reports of a few Cranes gathering in the fields down by Boom Bay.  The Wolf river looks like it is going to be open fairly quickly in some areas but there is a lot of ice that needs to move.  Some anglers are still out on the ice in the New London area with jigs sticks and willow sticks catching a few walleye.  I’m still seeing a few people in the backwaters fishing but expect that to be pretty sloppy, especially after we get this next round of weather.

The Fox River is open in DePere and anglers are out catching quite a few fish.  I’ve heard of a few nice ones but mostly it’s some good action on1 to 3 pound fish.

The Dells is also wide open and was very busy this weekend.  LOTS of fish were being caught that were just under the 15inch size limit.  (Kept fish must be between 15 and less then 20 inches.  You may keep one fish over 28 inches) There were some bigger fish caught that were over the 20 inch limit but I don’t know for certain if anything over the 28 slot limit was caught.  There are always some big fish caught here.

Planning on dong a better job of reporting here this year and PLEASE remember to listen to my podcast Talking Wisconsin Outdoors on Facebook or by visiting http://www.talkwisoutdoors.com 


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