Fishing Up And Down

Lots of anglers are getting their limit of walleye and quite a few white bass but as always, some are struggling to find the fish they want.  Walleye in general are done spawning although there may be a few late fish showing up which should keep a few males in the upper river but as water levels drop more and more walleye will return to the lower end of the system.  I expect the fishing on Lake Poygan to be quite good very soon if it is not that way already.  Crawler harnesses work well in shallow water trolled slowly with Off Shore planer boards.  I also expect the fishing in New London to be very good as the males meander down river and look to feed.

White bass continue to show up although activity for them has slowed a bit in the Fremont area.  I’ve been told over the years that the fish we were seeing are an early group of Poygan fish that go up stream as far as New London, and above.  It makes sense as there always seems to be a group of fish, often BIG ones, that arrive early.  The best is yet to come and with predicted rain showers for next week I would expect this to be a banner year for white bass as we will have enough current to draw the fish out of Winnebago.

Crappie continue to bite although the cool off may slow them down a bit.  Sunny days near submerged shoreline brush on steep banks make the best spots.

Perch have been showing up in the channels too.  One day off the docks at Hahn’s it white bass, the next crappie and the next perch, plus a walleye or two.

Keep in touch!!


One thought on “Fishing Up And Down

  1. Planning a trip to Fremont May 9th – 11th with grandfather and son to hopefully catch some white bass do you think that they will be in that area in any numbers?

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