The Walleye Bite Is On!

It’s started, the fall walleye fun of 2013.  From New London to the mouth at Lake Poygan there are reports of anglers catching fish.  Water temperatures hit 44 degrees today and should hover in that general area for some time.  Even the upper 30’s such as 38 or 39 degrees is OK, they will bite right up to ice up.  Long range forcasts look like an extended period of stuff oscillating between the med to upper 40’s and lower 50’s with a little bit of precipitation next week.  PERFECT!   SEND ME YOUR PICTURES so I can put them in a new video episode of Life On The Wolf.  Crappie continue to bite too.   Check with Johnnies Shoppe of Bait in New London, Red Banks Resort in Fremont or Chico’s Landing in Orihula, south of Fremont for bait and the best right now on the water information.

Please remember to listen to my outdoor report that airs Tuesdays and Thursdays  around 12:30, live on WAUH 102.3 THE BUG radio or via the link for your smartphone or computer available at the links at


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