Well there is quite a bit of open water from Gill’s Landing through Fremont, which should open more as the warm up melts the snow quickly and brings the water level up.  That should break up the remaining ice and start the flow.  Ice jams will continue to be a problem as they jam up above bridges and on sharp bends in the river.  Shore ice will also enter the system if the warm up continues followed by the ice from the lakes and backwaters.  POINT IS BE CAREFUL!  Don’t anchor in the middle of the river and be ready to cut your anchor line at any point if you get an ice chunk hung up on it, as even a small one can easily flip your boat.  Fish should be out of the main current and looking to rest in places of even slightly warmer water.  Keep your presentation slow and subtle and you should find fish on the move.  MORE SOON!
Also please pick up a copy of the March 2012 Midwest Outdoors Magazine as one of my pictures made the front cover of the Wisconsin section.


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