Good Fishing Throughout River, White Bass Showing Up

Although not the bonanza we had last year, fishing is pretty good right now throughout the river system.  White bass are showing up in the lower end of the river from below the bridges in Fremont, all the way to lake Poygan.  Look for pockets of fish to set up in deep water and for more fish to show up with the cooling temperatures.   Walleye fishing has also been good from the Fremont area to New London and lots of areas in between.  A jig and leech or jig and crawler long lined behind the boat has been catching fish.  Smallmouth bass action has been good with lots of nice fish being brought in the the Wednesday night bass tournament held out of Cash’s in New London. ($5 entry) There have also been some nice northern pike caught.  Water levels are low, this is a good time of year to take a cruise and check out spring spots.  Look for the kind of structure fish will use and make notes on your map.  NUmerous rock piles, logs and stepped clay banks are easy to see right now because they are out of the water.   Rent a pontoon boat, make a day out of it.


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