BIG Rains Muddy Good Fishing

Well we got some needed rain in the system.  Take a look at the water level chart on the Wolf River Walleye Club site under fishing reports and look for yourself the effect.  That should make river fishing a little tough for a bit but don’t overlook casting crank baits to catch walleye and smallmouth anywhere from New London to Fremont.  Bright colors and rattles will help.  There are still LOTS of walleye in the river and fishing for them had been pretty good until the storms.  Again, the rain should help keep them in the river.  Lake Poygan is rocking too, walleye, white bass and catfish are all providing good action for those out trolling.  Speaking of catfish, the action in the river is pretty good right now.  Cut bait and stink bait are what is working for the channel cats.  There have also been some good reports of northern pike action all over the system from New London to Lake Poygan.  The backwaters and lakes of the system should continue to provide action.


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