Summer Patterns Setting Up

Falling water levels, (actually BELOW average for this time of year now), have brought fish from the upper river down in to the system from New London through Fremont to the lower lakes and Winneconne.  That makes good local information important to finding out just where those fish are showing up.  Point is, they are showing up everywhere.  Walleye and smallmouth bass can be found throughout the system.  Mornings are best on the river but lake Poygan can be good all day if there is a nice chop.  Catfish are biting and the panfish are also starting to get going along with some reports of nice size northern being caught.   Keep in touch as I get out in the boat real soon.


2 thoughts on “Summer Patterns Setting Up

    • There is SO much bass habitat it’s hard to say. The rip rap has been holding some fish as have some of the back waters and places where the back waters or tributaries meet the main river.
      Wish I knew more, trying to get some of my “BASS” buddies to take me out, I’m mostly a walleye guy.

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