Good Fishing Most Days – Water Starting To Open

Fishing on Lake Poygan has been pretty good from what I’ve heard.  As in any fishing, it’s not great every day, but there has been enough success to make it worth the effort.  Walleye and white bass have been active.  I’ve also heard good reports of walleye on the Wolf River in the New London area and also a few reports of some perch and crappie in the back waters.  The key is WHICH back waters.  Some usual spots have been strangely void of fish, probably due to the higher then normal water.

There is some open water along the docks in Fremont and some slushy spots all over the river.  Those on snowmobiles or ice fishing should be very careful.  It won’t be long before a few brave souls will be trying to get a boat in.  Winneconne may have already seen one.  For me, it’s too early and too dangerous until the ice has a place to go, and that will require a LOT more open river.  What looks safe now, can be jammed with ice an hour later because of boat traffic and put you in a situation that can sink your boat.  I’ve seen it happen.  If you want a real shot a catching some fish and be safe, you can sit on the docks in Fremont and jig.  I’ve caught fish by hanging a lantern, (a low glow is best) and working a light jig back and forth along the current line.  Fish will be on the move and you mat just intercept a few, especially after any rain or melt off.  The docks provide a good current break, so the fish could be anywhere.  Take a heavy jig or LONG stick and find the first “step” and work from there.

Kendall Kamke will be a fun and informative speaker that has been added to the lineup on Friday and we are looking at organizing an on the water drifting and jigging seminar for Saturday morning at 9:30 am, just prior to the main show opening.   I will post an update on that.  River condition is the main factor.

Life On The Wolf
If you want to be part of an episode of Life On The Wolf, just be in contact.  I am looking for people to ice fish with and also at any time during open water as long as I can bring my camera.


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