Well we have spring time levels of water.  That means water over the shorelines and running back in to the woods and sloughs just like in April.  The main channel is flowing quick and muddy but there is still some very opportunistic fishing to be done.  There is flooded trees and grassy shorelines where you should be able to catch smallmouth, largemouth, walleye and northern pike.  I like throwing a spinner bait and have been experimenting with ones mage with Viper Blades.  That’s a blade with a rattle in it.  Once the water clears up a little, fishing could be very good.  The backwaters won’t be as muddy and the higher water levels should provide good cover and room above the weeds for surface baits.  Might be time to catch your first Muskie on the Wolf.  A 51 inch 40.5 pound Muskie was caught recently on Lake Poygan.
Keep in touch.  There’s a new episode of Life On The Wolf to view, please take a look.


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