Good Fishing All Over

Well this is the part of the season that I love because the fishing pressure on the river almost completely disappears.  Walleye are still easy targets most mornings, all you have to do is work a jig and leech over clam beds, near rip-rapped outside bends or above and below any deep hole in the river.  Especially early in the morning.  Casting small crank baits will produce fish also.  Smallmouth and largemouth bass are also active as are the northern pike.  I’ve heard credible reports of catching and releasing numerous fish in a day with a fish over 40 inches common in a days activity.  Most of the action has been smaller fish with pike from 32 to 38 inches, and 26 inchers providing the bulk of the action.  PLEASE RELEASE ALL PIKE OVER 40 INCHES, UNLESS YOU CHOSE TO KEEP A TROPHY CLASS FISH.  A bag limit of 2 fish is in place with a minimum size of 26 inches, so please consider selective harvest when taking fish.  Fishing is good from New London to Lake Poygan right now for pike, bass and catfish, which are really starting to bite.

New London is great “fishing boat” territory, give it a try.  Have bigger HP?  Then a morning working your way up stream from Fremont or working the deep holess from Orihula to Lake Poygan should produce some excellent fishing.  Hit the back waters a s soon as the river traffic increases or fish the no wake zones for catfish, just don’t anchor in the middle.

Make sure to check out, episode 2 is up with #3 on the way.


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