Good Ice Good Fishing

There’s plenty of ice just about everywhere you might want to go fishing.  Of course, caution is ALWAYS the rule when going ice fishing.  Lake Poygan is doing well with white bass and walleye being fairly active on most days.  Northern pike are also being caught.  Spruce Lane, Herbst’s and Captain’s Cove are all being mentioned as access points.  There are also some walleye being caught near Old Indian Point and near the mouth of the river.  Back waters continue to produce panfish.

In the New London area there are plenty of anglers out with some mixed results being reported.  Because it’s generally fish on the move, action can be spotty.  There are quite a few small fish being caught and some anglers are keeping the 10 inch walleye, justifying them as big perch.  If you see someone keep more then 5, or double dip, or take 5 every day, then please call the DNR.  There is no excuse for poaching.


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