Varied Reports

I’ve heard all sorts of reports.  From few crappies to 29 nice ones.  Both reports came from the same spot a day apart.  Walleye fishing is improving with reports of some limits and bunches of small fish in between.  The area below Boom Island has been popular and anglers are catching some in New London too.  Things should improve as the water cools.  Water levels are dropping so I hope there is some rain in the forecast.


4 thoughts on “Varied Reports

  1. Doc,

    Any new reports on the Wolf? I was there on November 7th, fishing from Red Banks down to the Rat and did OK. Ended up with 5 walleyes between 15 – 19″. Probably 10 others that were 10″. Most of those caught below Boom Island and by the Rat. I plan on going Saturday, the 28th, and was wondering if it is better or should I go to Castle Rock?

    • Not a lot of people out fishing. From what I’ve heard, there are lots of small fish and finding some keepers is a good bet. Things should continue to improve as we cool off.

  2. Quit Wishing and Go Fishing. Cooled off enough or not, here I come. On the water by 10:30. It has been three weeks since I caught a limit. Before that, a limit of fish was easier for me to find.

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