Time To Watch The Guages

Water levels are still below normal, but have come above the 20th percentile.  If we continue the wet pattern, we could see average water levels, which would be good for the crappie fishing, the white bass and walleye.  A few crappie and white bass have already started showing up around Fremont as water temperatures start to fall through the 60’s.  There is potential for an exceptional fall walleye bite although there is a LOT of baitfish in the river.  Too much food can make for a tough bite.
Check the gauges on the Outdoors Section of Wolf River Country.Com.  They should give you some clues as to the fishing.

My suggestion would be to plan to fish soon and be in the group of people MAKING the reports of good fishing.  That is, instead of being a part of the group that REACTS to the reports of good fishing.  Crappie, white bass and walleye fishing has the potential to be very good on any given day.  The northern pike fishing has been very good this year and when the smallies come out of the tributaries, the fishing in the Wolf River can be first class.  I’d fish the lower end of the river for white bass and anywhere between Fremont and New London for crappie and walleye.  We’ve been getting a bit of rain and the water temps are cooling down to where the fish like to start biting.


2 thoughts on “Time To Watch The Guages

    • The white bass run starts when the water temperatures get in to the 60’s and usually continues until it gets down to the 40’s. Current levels play an important role in the strength of the “run”.

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