Rain Helps Fishing

First let me apologize for the delay in posting a new fishing report.  For those who wrote, there will also be some new updates to Wolf River Country.Com’s “Outdoor Pages” very soon,  I also hope you all like my new site, Doc’s Waters.  Look for lots more there soon too.

Fishing has been worth the trip most days, but there are few anglers out there. Walleye, bluegill and catfish action is average for this time of year and the northern pike fishing has been very good. “PLEASE RELEASE ALL BUT A TROPHY FISH”  Even then, consider a replica.  They last longer and are easier to take care of.   The Wolf River system has the potential to produce GIANT pike. (A 53″ fish was registered at Larry & Jan’s Resort a few years ago) , so help maintain a potential world class fishery by chasing bluegill, perch and walleye for the frying pan, not northern pike. Same with the smallmouth bass, PLEASE RELEASE THEM.  For a limited time, Mike Remme will offer a “Wolf River Country” $50 discount on a replica.  Contact me directly so I can send you the coupon.

Along with the chance to catch a few fish, this is a good time of year to check out shore structure that is sure to hold spring walleye.  I’ve found some of my best spring spots this time of year.   Some of my favorite rock piles and stair step shorelines are only visible during the yearly low water period.  Use a jig and leech to probe deeper water and outside bends with rocks, and you should have no problem finding a tug on the line.  Just be careful, water levels are very low.

Lake Poygan, Lake Winneconne and Winnebago have all been producing walleye.  This should continue until we get some real hot weather.


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