Latest Fishing Report

I’ve heard of some incredible catches of white bass, but also of people catching just a few.  I’ve also talked to people that caught a lot on one day only to return to just a few fish.I’m not sure if it’s because of the start of the spawning process or the falling water level.  Either way, the people I have talked to told me the fish were still pre-spawn, which surprised me.

Walleye fishing on Lake Poygan and Winneconne has been hot and cold also.  Small cranks baits and crawler harnesses have both been working.  I plan on spending some time out there next weekend.  I’d bet I could find a few in the river too if I had the time.  A jig and leech fished on drops in to deep water or through any spring and clam beds should catch fish.

Bass fishing has been so – so due to the low water but there is some good fishing to be had for smallmouth and largemouth but PLEASE REMEMBER TO RELEASE THE BASS.  Too many better eating fish around to keep a bass.

Speaking of good eating fish.  Catfish are starting to bite pretty well and I’ve heard reports of some nice sized perch in the river along with the start of some bluegill fishing.  Populations for both are exploding in the Winnebago system.


2 thoughts on “Latest Fishing Report

  1. Just wondering what today’s and Wednesday’s rain will do to the bite looks good Thursday when we arrive weather wise but just wondering if the rain will effect the bite posative or negative??

  2. A lot depends on how much rain and how big a cool off. I may also depend on what percentage of fish are still pre-spawn. A LOT of rain could make the river pretty dirty which could slow down the bite but then again, create a bonanza on a clean water line or tight to the weeds. There’s no way to tell.

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