Cool Down Slows White Bass Bite

The cool down and falling water temperatures have affected the overall white bass bite.  There are still fish being caught but not in as good of numbers except for those who find a group stacked up adjacent to a spawning area.  The falling water levels should also move some of the fish.  Some more rain would be good for fishing but the real peak will be once the water warms up a bit.  Watch the water level and temperature gauge inked on my web site on the outdoor page for the best predictor of the peak bite.  16.6 celcius is about 62 degrees farenheight, and a good target.  Lilacs are just starting to bloom, hmmmmmmmmmm.  And I used to think that was a bunch of bunk!


2 thoughts on “Cool Down Slows White Bass Bite

  1. hey Me and a Friend will be heading up Next weekend will be staying in my friends uncles cabin along the Wolf (Hauks Bend) just wondering what are chances are looknig like for walleyes white bass and the big Cats at night we’ll be pulling in around 8pm thurday the 28th staying till sunday

  2. This is a good time of year to night fish but what is going to bite depends quite a bit on water temp. I’d think that you would still catch white bass if you find a pocket of fish. Most of my night fishing memories of white bass were post spawn, and your timing for that could be perfect. There should be some catfish around for sure but the walleyes could be a matter of if there are any around where you are fishing. If there are a lot of white bass, it might be tough to catch a walleye.

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