Get Ready, Here They Come

With rising water temperatures and falling water levels, spawning activity has peaked and fish are staring to return through the system.  I was on the DNR shocking boat on Friday and 3/4 of the females had spawned.  The one we caught that were pre-spawn will “ripen” quickly as water temps in the marsh we up to 50+ degrees by afternoon.  The biggest thing we could use is some rain as water levels are quite low for this time of year.  Fishing should be very good at any moment as the big schools of fish move through.  I’ll be posting video from the shocking boat soon along with a request from Kendall Kamke to PLEASE turn in tag information.


2 thoughts on “Get Ready, Here They Come

  1. Doc,

    Seems like no one has anything good to report on the walleyes the last couple of days. Theres still got to be alot of walleyes in the river yet right? Maybe they are just still way up? Any insight? Going on Sunday and trying to figure out where to go in the system. Last Friday we hit them good down by the rat as I thought those fish were still going up not coming back? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • I’ve heard scattered reports of some good fishing. Females have been filtering back but it seems like the bulk of the males have not. That surprises me due to the falling water levels. Here’s what my guess is. There were females showing up in the marsh that were “green” even last Friday. I know, I was working in the shocking boat tagging fish. Because the water levels were dropping it limited water flow to the marshes. The fish that were done, filtered back. The females that were still pre-spawn, kept pushing up river in the colder depths of the main current, looking for places to spawn. They have done that in the past during low water. Once the males left the marshes, they encountered the females still looking to squirt and are still with them. After all, the temps in the river, where they will dump if they can’t find a marsh, just reached 48 degrees the 16th and according to the water level gauge in New London, is still below 50 degrees. If we get a lot of water now, they may come back with that or stay in the river and feed on the ABUNDANT food. Locals not being able to trap minnows and use them or sell them to the bait shops has left a lot of forage in the system usually removed. I saw huge schools of shiners. It could ALL be having an effect. The guys on the rafts are catching some fish, so there are surely some around. Hopefully you’ll find a group on Sunday. I’d be probing everything from deep eddies to the whoop-dee-dos on the flats. Good Luck.

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