Good Fishing Reports Most Days

I’ve been hearing good fishing reports from those out anywhere from Fremont to New London. Some days have been tougher then others de to weather, but there seem to be a lot of fish in the river.  There’s still plenty of stuff floating down the river, so be careful.  The water has been rising nicely which has the fish on the move.  I’ve been night fishing a couple of times with only fair success.  There are already quite a few carp up shallow.
I’ll be out more this week so keep in touch.


2 thoughts on “Good Fishing Reports Most Days

  1. I’ll be heading down to Fremont this weekend. Any pointers on color, size, weight of jigs being used? Size and type of minnows? Thanks for any useful help.

  2. Typical colors include chartreuse, orange, blue and red. I like shiners but fatheads will catch fish too. As far as weight, make sure you can feel bottom. Some anglers will find 1.4 oz OK, others will feel more comfortable with 3/8. I’d vary color and size minnow to find a preference if there is one and look for places out of the main current. The “current line”, (a place where the main current and slower current of a backwater or current break caused by a bend in the river intersect) can change due to rising or falling water. Fish are on the move, so either be on the move yourself to find them or anchor up in a good place to intercept them.
    Good Luck

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