Boats Out In Fremont

There have been a few boats out in Fremont since Wednesday.  I held back with the report because of the amount of ice coming down the river and because only a few fish were being caught.  Until a clear channel is open, it can be quite dangerous.  Ice flows can trap a boat, preventing returning to the boat ramp.   Now that we have that channel, more boats will be hitting the river.  With rising water and large schools of fish in Lake Poygan, we could have a very good “up” run.  Look for fish off the main current and holding in deep water until water temperatures rise a bit.

Still iced up in New London, hopefully the rain this week takes that out.  Some guys are pushing out Jon boats along highway X.  Those who had been fishing late ice were catching fish.


5 thoughts on “Boats Out In Fremont

  1. pete and joe went out yesterday , rafts are already in on highway x fishing been pretty steady for those that brave these last 2 days of nasty weather.

  2. How is the ice flow down river? Is Kiesow’s open to launch a boat yet? Is the ice flow past the boom bay cut? Would like to get near Page’s Slough on Friday afternoon if possible, I got lucky with walleye just after ice break last year.

  3. The river is pretty much pen from Gills to Orihula. There is plenty of ice coming and the rain and rising water should continue to open things up. What’s open today could be ice jammed on Friday. Not sure about Kiesow’s, going there tomorrow to get a boat so I’ll report later.

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