Get Ready For Open Water

Ice conditions are deteriorating like crazy.  Even if there is good ice, getting to it will be the challenge.  Many who had been getting on the ice in New London had been doing quite well but the continued warm up should break things up and get the river rolling soon.  Rain would help, a thunderstorm would be better. 

As far as other spring walleye fishing the Fox at DePere is open and people are catching fish.  Look for boats in Oshkosh soon too. The Rock River is open and people are starting to catch walleye and sauger. The Wisconsin River is open below all dams from Nekoosa down and I’ve heard some reports of good fishing.  In fact, the next state record sauger may come out of the Wisconsin River below the Dells dam.

Spring is here, I even saw a bluebird!  Keep in touch with my web site for new video reports, tips and tactics.


2 thoughts on “Get Ready For Open Water

  1. I like to fish in Fremont either by the bridge bar or under the bridge I think it`s the 10 or 110 bridge. When is a good time to fish there?

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