Ode To Richard

There was a man I knew
A strange and quirky sort
Who walked his way into my life
And into my heart.

His smile and soul were genuine
His wit was quick and wry
His backpack contained everything
Some things we all should try

We talked about life and fishing
When we were alone
Sometimes I’d get him pretty “Wobbly”
Then we’d drive him home

A Rolling Rock
Those damn pork rinds
The observations
Of a twisted mind

But twisted in a way that’s right
Fore he was a quality man
Who knew how to work, and hard
And how to be a friend

He never turned me down
I cannot say the same
The boat, the last fishing trip
I’m the one to blame

 I didn’t know you long enough
That’s one thing I know is true
I’ll miss you hitting on my wife 😉
And a friend that was true blue

I don’t know your whole story Rich
And I don’t really care
The man I’d known just one year
Was my friend for life, for sure

We never hit the raft
We never hit the pond
We never hit each other
A snowbank or a blonde

We always caught the punch line
That was missed by all but us
Cause great minds think alike 
Well, that is what we thought

I’ll miss you at the V after work
The late nights, need a lift?
We never fixed my gas tank
Covered the boat or tried my gift

So with this Ode I leave you
To my memories I will place
Your smile, your walk, your humor, your talk
And that beautiful face

 Richard Sweedy
9/26/55 – 12/4/08
I’ll miss you.


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