Icy Conditions and Open Water, Fishing OK

Well first I’d like to apologize for the delay in posting.  Family issues, a day of traveling and a friend returning for a couple days of fishing kept me from all but the most critical work as I had little computer time.  Ice has ended open water fishing in the New London area but there are still a couple of pockets of open water and too poor of ice conditions for even the bravest.  A big cool down will get the ice fishing going but a big warm up MAY provide some open water.

Kevin and I broke ice for hours to be able to fish where we wanted below Chico’s Landing Saturday.  We were one of 2 boats that fished and we both limited.  Sunday there were 15 boats fishing some open water but Kevin and I settled in some ice chunks over deeper water.  We cleared a small area and started catching fish.  Then, some idiot in a Ranger HAD to put his new boat on plane when leaving and basically screwed everybody else by breaking free a 100 yard X 50 yard sheet of ice.  The ice let loose by el dopo headed for the area where most the people were fishing and started closing our “gap” .  One guy tried working to break it up, (although too close to other boats for me) but when he started throwing a BIG wake through the ice chunks just 10 feet from our little boat, we asked him to stop.   Most people left but we stayed and the fish went on a major bite for the 15 minutes before dusk.  We also caught and released quite a few sauger, which we figured were quite lost.  Monday we caught our limit in deep water although we still had to spend time clearing ice.  Tuesday we fished De Pere and caught 15 – 20 nice size fish jigging and lost one big “something” near the dam after dark.

Based on predicted temperatures I expect the river to stay open below Chico’s and it might even be breakable to Boom Island.  I’ll keep track of what’s going on and report.  Please make sure to drain your trailer over the water at all boat ramps.  All you have to do is watch in your mirror until the frame is out of the water, wait a few seconds for it to drain, then pull completely off the ramp.  Do this each time to visit the ramp, in and out.


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