Walleye Starting To Bite

Ok, so the white bass and crappie continue to be the most active, it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out based on the available reports.  But, I’ve had a couple of very credible reports that, if you work hard enough to find them, limits of walleye have been catchable in the river.  The other interesting piece of news is that smallmouth bass have been very active.  BUT AGIAN, PLESE RELEASE THESE FISH AND CATCH THE CRAPPIE, WHITE BASS, BLUE GILL, CATFISH AND WALLEYE FOR THE FRYING PAN.   Sorry, but there are SO many good eating fish in this river, keeping a smallie to eat just rubs me wrong.  It’s your right but so is it mine to call you a “taker” if you do.

Be careful as water levels are very low but that can help concentrate the fish.

Northern pike are active also.  Again, please release all but a trophy fish.

Thanks for listening,



6 thoughts on “Walleye Starting To Bite

  1. Doc,

    I have some friends coming up from Racine this weekend and want to hit Winnebago. Are they still catching walleyes on the reefs?

    Great site!


  2. I’ve heard of some good catches of both perch and walleye. Location on any given day can be the problem on that body of water. I suggest looking at winnibagowalleyes.com, “Axl” knows the big lake as well as anyone I know.

    The river’s are starting to “heat up” in case it’s too windy for “bago”/

  3. Great report Doc. Are you familiar with the river by the Pine Grove Resort? I plan on coming up this weekend and would like to know where the best spots to catch walley at that part of the river.

  4. There is quite a bit of deep water both up stream and down stream of the Templeton Bayou cut including right where the bayou meets the river. If you’re looking for crappie, work any flooded timber, white bass and walleye should be in the deeper holes and outside bends, or near it.

    Good Luck,

  5. thanks for the good fishing reports. looking to hit the wolf around fremont and was wondering if you could give some general tips as to depth, structure types, and jig sizes etc for the whitebass or walleyes.



  6. For white bass, Larry & Jan’s Resort has some darter style “red & whites” that really catch fish. Great for pitching or working below the boat. I believe they are 11/4 oz. Other brightly colored jigs will work too. For walleye, work what you feel comfortable with. I like 1/8 oz quite often hen the current is low, others always like to stay with 5/16 or 3/8 oz. Much depends on the depth you are working and the way you are fishing. You may need a heavier jig to stay vertical. Look for fish near deep water and along some rip rap outside bends like the rock wall near Fremont. Crappie are still in the trees too.

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