Fall Fishing Reminders

Just a note to let you know that good fishing goes on all over the 32 miles between Lake Poygan and New London, and, that on some days, some places are better then others.  I cal also tell you that if you use my report, along with other credible sources AND the water level & temperature gauge link located on my outdoors page, it should help you catch fish.  I also try to answer any comments as I have to approve their publishing anyway.  I do the best I can to help and hope only that some choose to support the effort by purchasing some of the spiced honey or Fillet King boards located in my Wolf River Country Store.  “Reminder” emails and nasty notes will only move me closer to a member only type of site to support expanded features, (which are on the horizon, podcasts, tutorials etc).  I prefer to keep it FREE, like my ICE BREAKER Show in March, but that means putting supporting my family first.  That means customer websites, server issues and video production come before writing a fishing report.  Sorry, but that’s life.

As far as the fishing, it has been pretty good.  Some are finding lots of small white bass, others are finding some good size fish around the system, including Winneconne.  Walleye have started to be mixed in the catches of fish, smallmouth bass have been active ALTHOUGH PLEASE RELEASE THESE FISH!  Some guy named Hudson Hawk on Lake lInk proudly showed a nice size smallie on the cutting board with some crappie, a white bass and 2 small walleye.  Stuff like that makes me sick because it’s someone who fishes the system a lot.  It is within their rights, but a catch and release mindset for these fish could create a much better fishery for these fish and potential for some trophy fish.  You ever catch a 5# smallmouth?   You won’t here if guys like that and the resorts don’t help with some selective harvest education.  Look what had to happen to let the pike rebound due to local meat hogs and lack of education.

Sorry for the rant, been taking some flack, busy and as just about everyone in this day and age, busting my ass to keep my head above water.


4 thoughts on “Fall Fishing Reminders

  1. Doc, It’s great to see you standing u for what is right. It is uneducated people on this river system that make it too tough for the rest of us. A 5# smallie is next to impossible to catch on this river due to too many people keeping them. In fact a three pounder is awfully tough to find anymore. Thank you for what you haver written and i hope other people will realize the importance of it. If anyone wants to eat a fish like that i will gladly get them all the sheephead they can handle if they let the “fighter”go!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Doc,

    Your efforts are are greatly appreciated. My father and I regularly check the reports before the family makes the trip north from the Falls most weekends of the season.

    It sickens me as well to see some folks keeping fish, of all species, that should be thrown back to encourage a healthier population. It’s a common mentality that I’ve seen not only on the Winnebago system but other lakes I’ve been on through the years. That being: If it’s on my hook, it’s in my live-well, and on my cleaning table. Regardless of size or impact on the populations.

    We need to manage the resources that we have. That means putting back the breeders and the future trophies, and taking stunted fish out of the system when they are in an overabundance….

  3. Doc, Just want you to know my wife and I apprecaite your blog and ALWAYS refer to it before we set our fishing dates. Don’t get upset with the ill mannered idiots out there…they are everywhere. PLEASE keep on posting, as many fishing folks rely on you!
    Thanks again.

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