Good Fishing, Low Water

Fishing remains good, even with the low water.  Crappie, bluegill and white bass have been the main attraction.  I had an email that talked about “significant catches” of white bass in the deep water from Gill’s to Fremont.  I’ve also talked to friends who have caught good size white bass and crappie around New London.  Northern pike are active also but please  CATCH AND RELEASE ALL BUT A TROPHY.  There’s plenty of better eating fish to catch right now and the system has the ability to grow some BIG fish if people give them the chance to grow up.


2 thoughts on “Good Fishing, Low Water

  1. heading up to fish out of weilands this weekend any white bass show up that far above Fremont, deep or shallow? crappies still in the brush, thanks for the updates I appreciate it.

  2. They are catching white bass all the way to New London, but the biggest concentrations of fish have been from Gill’s to the mouth of Lake Poygan. The rock wall in Fremont and deep holes have been holding fish. Crappies are biting in the trees, some bluegill too.
    Good Luck!

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