Cool Nights And Rain Will Improve Fishing

The cool off and influx of rain will help to kick off the fall fishing.  Crappie and bluegill have been active from Lake Poygan to Fremont.  Weeds and areas around docks have been holding fish.  There have also been some nice catches of white bass from the lower river and near the rock wall in Fremont.  Pike fishing can be rewarding for those who take the time but please release all but a trophy, there’s plenty of walleye and white bass for dinner.  Smallmouth bass action should be improving too.

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4 thoughts on “Cool Nights And Rain Will Improve Fishing

  1. Will be on Shawano M-T next week and would like to try for some smallies in the river. I’m normally on the lake for largemouth and am not very familiar with fishing the river. Got a buddy coming in town and would like to put him on some fish. Any suggestions?

  2. I’m not very familiar with the river that far up, but know some friends who fish it and the Embarrass this time of year with small crank baits, or jig and leech. Finding the deeper pools may be the key as water levels are quite low right now for this time of year. For a kig I’d suggest the Lindy Timb’r Rock, No-Snagg jig.
    Good Luck!

  3. how are you hooking minnows with the timbr rock jigs for crappies? have quite a few in my box this year and know some nice snags to try this fall, any advice would be great. thanks and keep up the good work

  4. I hook them in the mouth, putting the hook as far back as I can. Meaning it comes out of the top of the head, not just lip hooked. It takes a bit of effort because of the wire hook guard. but I feel it puts the hook in better position to catch a fish, especially if they strike a bit short.

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