Precious Rain

It might not be enough to save some of the crops according to conversation at the bowling alley but the rain feels and smells good here.  Fishing has been OK with some crappie starting to show up along wooded shorelines and some bluegill still biting on Lake Poygan.  Some walleye have been being caught by those taking the time to fish for them and I’ve had very credible reports of some very nice pike (35 – 41 inches) being caught and released.  PLEASE RELEASE ALL NORTHERN PIKE OVER 31 INCHES!!!!  It’s not the law, but if you keep one to eat between 26 and 31 inches, you’ve got plenty of dinner.  Fish above this size have the ability to grow to TROPHY potential here on the Wolf River system.  My biggest is 42.5 inches, the biggest I’ve seen was 53 inches, the picture still hangs in the bait shop at Larry & Jan’s Resort.  Any tree or weed patch along the river can hold a big pike.  Check Ma’s Bait Shop’s website at  for a picture of a nice one caught not too long ago.  Spinner baits and classic pike baits will catch fish, you may even catch a Muskie.  The rule on those is 1 fish over 50 inches, because there are fish of that size in the system.


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