White Bass Spawning

White Bass are spawning and still biting very well all over the system.  From Winneconne, to Fremont and New London reports of very good white bass action has been the norm.  The number of white bass in the system is amazing right now due to a number of factors all coming together.  When they start heading back and feeding, it could be legendary catches for some who hit the right place at the right time.  There are some post spawn spots I know that should be unreal in the next few days.  One of the most fun will happen in a week or so when the big schools go out on Lake Poygan.  Just look for the seagulls and cast spinners from as far away as you can from the “bird activity”, if you know what I mean.  Other places such as eddie currents that gather young of the year minnows and hatchlings will see white bass gathering to feed.

Walleye action has been slow due in part to the huge numbers of white bass in the system.  I’ve still been hearing of some being caught on Lake Poygan and some by anglers throwing small crank baits to shoreline structure, creek and marsh inlets and the like.

Bass fishing is getting better and there are quite a few catfish around if you have the time or inkling to fish for them.  Bluegill, crappie and perch should also start showing up in better numbers.  Actually, reports from Winneconne had crappie fishing still being pretty good in the channels. 


3 thoughts on “White Bass Spawning

  1. Will be spending Thursday Friday and Saturday on the river tryin our luck with the white bass but also looking for any tips on the monster channel cats as well be staying in a cabin along the river (Hauks) and will be doing alot of late night fishing. Any suggestions and comments will be greatly appreciated!

  2. Not sure about monster channel cats, but you should have some good fishing available. I know of guys who use mixtures of white bass livers left to ferment with other traditional “flavors” but I do OK when I’m fishing for them with night crawlers and cut bait. Because this is the time they go to spawn, look for these fish to be on the move with the top end of holes and places that gather small fish as prime locations. Have fun and good luck.

  3. Had good luck fishing,thursday caught 60 white bass and 3nice 3-5lb channel cats at night.fri was ok for the white bass but it was cloudy and windy a little chilly also fri night again caught some really nice cats 5 pounders(2) using chicken livers.sat went to a spot where there was an old timer to go it was called pea soup on the river and it was the best spot of the 2 days for white bass caught about 30 in 45 mins then it was time to come back to illinois

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