Giant White Bass Invade New London

WOW, could not believe the size and quantity of the white bass we caught over the weekend.  Even seasoned walleye anglers are having a bit of trouble getting their baits past the active white bass which seem to be all over the river.  Early morning, when the white bass activity is slower, is best for walleye right now.  As far as the white bass, they are still pre-spawn and there are LOTS of them.  I had no trouble finding a half a dozen places where I could catch all I wanted without another boat near us.  We just floated down from New London and worked pockets of flooded grass that were near deep water.  The best spots were off the current and  had a good size shelf of 4 – 5 feet of water and some weeds.  The fish would work shallow then back off to the shelf area once we caught quite a few on spinners.  We would then switch to a jig and work it with a quick hop-hop action or bobber to take the less aggressive fish.  Kevin and I caught and released over 100 in just 2 hours Saturday afternoon.  At least a dozen were the size of the one pictured, (over 16 inches) and many were over 14 inches. 


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