White Bass Action Heating Up, Walleye Too

The cool down hasn’t done too much to slow down the white bass bite.  Those who are finding schools of fish are having no problem catching 50+ white bass with coolers full becoming more common.  The male walleye are also starting to show up in the New London area, above Fremont and below the Rat River.  Lake Poygan should also start to produce some walleye very soon also.  The Winneconne area has been red hot for white bass with an occasional walleye showing up.  Local theory is that the walleye are around but there are too many white bass to compete with for angler offerings.

Look for the introduction of Fish & Game Gourmet Honey Sauce very soon.  The Lemon/Pepper is GREAT on fish of all kinds and Hot Orange Chipotle a hit on duck, ham and even turkey.  There are 6 flavors to choose from, I’ll post a link in a few days.  It will also be available in numerous area bars and restaurants.

Good Luck Fishing, Please Tell Your Friends About My Site.


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