Changing Conditions, Still Good Fishing

Well the water levels are dropping, that SHOULD mean that the male walleyes that went way up stream will be coming back.  Some are trickling back now, but walleye action has been spotty all over the river.  Some anglers are still finding success. White bass action has slowed a bit but there are still plenty to be caught.  My friends fished yesterday and had no problem filling their livewell to the top, along with a bonus walleye.  THERE IS STILL A NO WAKE RULE ON THE RIVER WITHIN 500 FEET OF ANY PERMANENT STRUCTURE IN ALL OF WAUPACA COUNTY.  Point is, if you want to fish the bottom of the river above Lake Poygan, use the launch at Hahn-A-Lula or Chico’s at Orihula, or if you’re coming from the south Kiesow’s Landing on the Rat River.  There’s a fully stocked bait shop, a nice ramp with plenty of parking and you can run the Rat and lower end without contending with the large NO WAKE zones.  Look them up on my web site, Wolf River Country.Com


2 thoughts on “Changing Conditions, Still Good Fishing

  1. Joel, I just wanted to take a minute to compliment you on your site, as well as to thank you for supplying such great up to date information. I am from Appleton and have a raft on Hawks bend just above Wielands Landing. Fishing off the raft this year has been tough, not sure why though, have heard great reports from the rafts below the little wolf!

  2. Thank you for the compliment. I am hoping to make Wolf River Country.Com a more useful site as I go forward and your compliment helps to fuel that. As far as the fishing, with the high water and abundance of food in the upper system, there has been little reason for the males to come back. That is really “the run”. The milkers coming back is always the best fishing. It’s happened in mid June in the past. All depends on water levels and availability of food. Some will be on the move back to the lakes and some will hang around in the river each year. The percentage of each depends on numerous factors. Don’t give up on the raft, they should be returning very soon. I’ve head a few scattered reports of some being caught.
    Thanks again and please tell your friends about Wolf River Country.Com. I also ask those who use the site to support the members listed in each category if they can. They are the ones who allow me to keep it going.

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