Walleye and white bass in big numbers being caught in Winneconne, including the bridge!!
Stop in at Critters Sports on the west end of town to get the skinny on what they are biting on and your bait. 



  1. You will have to check at the boat ramp or call one of the businesses in Fremont, such as Ma’s Bait. The no wake for all of Waupaca County may have been lifted but with rains etc, could be put back on. There is a no wake rule in that area on weekends and holidays that is marked by buoy’s.

  2. Thanks for all your help and useful info. Ill be up April 30th through May 4th. Kind of bumbed about the cold front moving in. What do you think that will do to the fishing?

  3. It could slow things down a bit but it’s my guess that walleye and white bass should be pretty easy to find, depending on where you are fishing of course. You might have to be a bit more patient but unless the weather really gets tough, you should find some fish.

  4. I’m going to be there next week. What kind of artificial bait would you reccommend for white bass in that area? Is the water clear, murkey, etc?

  5. Cotton Cordel “spot minnows” are popular as are many small crank baits. Rooster tail spinners in orange, yellow or white will work well at times also. They like streamer flies and red and white jigs too, but usually tipped with a minnow.
    As far as water clarity, the water is always ‘tea-stained” and right now it’s higher then normal, flowing fast and probably a little murky

  6. Do you think that the sudden drop in water temp will shut down the fishing for a while and will the fish stay in the river with the water temp dropping like it has? How has the walleye bite been and do you think it might keep up till the second week of May or so? Thanks in advance

  7. Hi Joel – Coming up this Thursday. Do you know if there’s a good concentration of white bass still in the area (up the Wolf to Fremont and beyond), or have most moved either up or back into the main lakes to hold during this cold front? Trying to determine if Oshkosh would produce better than further up on the Wolf. Just not sure what cold fronts do to fish that move up this early. Thanks for any help

  8. My last report probably answers the question about coming up Thursday. There’s lots of white bass in New London, let alone Fremont. With the cold front they will often just move out to deeper water. Especially spots that have acces to places that get warmed by the sun. Perch may still be biting in Oshkosh, probably walleye too. Don’t know more then what I hear, that’s a long way from New London.

    As far as the second week of May. I would imagine that if conditions stay as predicted, fishing for both walleye and white bass could be very good. Lake Poygan is always good for walleye in May and good schools should show up someplace in the river too. Usually above the large schools of white bass.

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