Spawning Time!!

Water temperatures are such that large groups of fish are spawning.  That means the bulk of the males will be in the marsh.  Some late arriving fish will still be pre-spawn but groups of post spawn females are already on their way down stream.  Last night numerous rafts in the New London area caught quite a few post spawn females and a few males have been biting along wood lines and near marsh entrances.  Water levels dropped a bit and temperature is up to near 48 degrees.  Not sure what the rains will do, but look for fishing to get better VERY soon as the post spawn bite starts.  THAT’S the real walleye run.
Still NO WAKE downstream of New London and all of Waupaca County within 500 feet of any building, dock or structure.  Some white bass have been starting to show up in the Fremont area too.
Make sure to keep track of water levels for the main walleye bite.  It will start when the water starts to drop quickly and the bulk of the males leave the marsh.
Good Luck!! 


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