Open Water & Ice Bergs

There is open water throughout the system and quite a few anglers out, some of who are catching walleye.  Water levels are just below average for this time of year but should rise with the recent rains.  The snow we got up north should continue to feed the system and I expect to see action starting to get better with the predicted warm up of next week.  I’ll get out this week and publish some fresh pictures.


10 thoughts on “Open Water & Ice Bergs

  1. I was thinking of coming up this week for the walleye on the wolf…..Do you think I should wait another week or not?

  2. Depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking to try and catch some fish during the day, depending on many factors, you may. Fish are on the move but boat traffic should also be increasing. Now if you are looking to night fish for a trophy, pre spawn is the time to do it. With water on the rise, we should be seeing more fish on the move. You’ll catch males at night too if you are in the right place at the right time.

    Now if you are looking for the heart of the run, that starts after they spawn. So to answer your question, I guess it depends on how far it is and how many other chances you’ll get to go. Then, I still couldn’t tell you if you should go.

  3. thanks for the info……Let me clarify further what I’m looking for. I’m coming up from the Chicago area with my son and will be fishing primarily during the day in a boat. I would like to catch as many fish as possible. I will be fishing the bridge area of Winneconne. The weather has still been on the cold side and I’m not sure if the walleye are really running yet. I’m trying to time this right do to the distance I have to travel. Whats your thoughts?

  4. I would call Critters Sports in Winneconne at 920-582-0471 or Wolf River House at 920-582-4555 and ask them. Tell them Doc told you to call. The down run is much more active I believe but when the fish come out of Winnebago, there can be some very good fishing in the area.

  5. You bet. Please tell your friends about my website and have them stop by.
    Take care and I hope you and your son catch some nice fish.

  6. Me and a few friends are coming up April 30th through May 4th to fish the wolf. How do you think the fishing will be for both white bass and walleye?

  7. That’s a long time from now. Based on year classes of fish, you should find good fishing if the weather and MOther Nature cooperate.

  8. Was out the past couple of days and have picked up a few. Do you think the run up the river is just coming to an end and if the marshes warm up in the next few days we could see the back run as early as next week?

  9. The last couple of years there have been some spawning fish as soon as 7 days after ice out. I know because I was in the shocking boat. Water temp is certainly part of the key but I don’t think pre-spawn conditions will end too quickly.

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